Orthology’s mission is to get you back to doing the things that you love. Our patients are active people, with a variety of athletic interests, from triathlon to skiing to CrossFit. In our quest to get you better faster, we also seek to introduce you to new wellness and fitness options. Over the coming months, we’ll be hosting events with a variety of studios in the Twin Cities’ metro area.

Our West End team had the pleasure of partnering with the Minneapolis Orangetheory this past weekend. They provided sample treatments to members, education on our methodology and even gave homework to help the athletes maintain their mobility for their next class!

Orangetheory is passionate about producing results for their clients, which makes them an excellent partner for Orthology – because we, too, are passionate about producing results for our patients! For more information on Orangetheory, check out their website, their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. And be sure to follow Orthology for information on upcoming events!